NEW DROP! Krymi Releases Toffee Feat. Darko Vibes

Highly Spiritual Music’s Krymi follows up on his 2018 hit single ‘Dede’ with this new song titled ‘Toffee’ featuring Darko Vibes.

Krymi and Darko Vibes serenade the girls with their vocals and sugar-coated words and it’s no surprise they settled on the title ‘Toffee’. can assure you!

Toffee is not just a ‘toasting’ number as it can also do magic on the dancefloor.

Toffee was produced by Kaywa and the quality of beat and production cannot slide by without a mention.

A pure highlife jam, which will rival if not surpass Krymi’s Dede single.

Update your playlists and enjoy!

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