Need a taxi, call Kumi Guitar

Not many a musician will be comfortable driving a taxi as an occupation especially when his or her name has hit the limelight as a nominee in the prestigious Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. But highlife musician, Kumi Guitar, says he is cool with being a taxi driver.

“I have been driving a Taxi for the past eight years. I make good money out of it and I don’t intend quitting now, my modest achievement in music notwithstanding,” Kumi Guitar told Showbiz  last Monday.

According to the 30-year-old man who carries his guitar wherever he goes, no matter how famous his music makes him, he would never forget those who have encouraged him in his music career.

“It is my passengers who have made me who I am today. I get a lot of encouragement from passengers who board my taxi and I love to interact with them. In fact, I get most of my music content from conversations I have with passengers I pick up,” he said.

Kumi, who initially had wanted to be a banker after completing Adisadel College in 2003 said, he could neither not let go his taxi business nor his music career because he loves both and has been coping with them.

Kumi told Showbiz that, he sometimes faced real difficulty when he had to stop his taxi business to be in the studio for up to two weeks to do a recording. He said, it was funny how some passengers sit in his car and sing along to his song as they were played on radio stations and yet do not know that the owner of the song is seated right next to them.

“Sometimes, I am tempted to tell them that I am the owner of the song. However, I have never done that before. I am known to only a few people and it is so because I hardly grant media interviews,” he explained.

Kumi Guitar is always seen with his guitar – one thing he says he cannot do without. “My guitar is a Givson brand and for the three years that I have had it, it has done a lot of magic for me. Anytime I play it, I feel happy and I get inspired. As a rapper who became a singer with the help of the guitar, I know I will go places with it,” he said.

Making a comment about the Ghana Music Awards, Kumi who has been nominated for new Artiste of the Year and Highlife Song of the Year categories with his Break Into Two song said he wonders how anyone can say that he is not a new artiste when he doesn’t have any song apart from Break Into Two which came out last year.

Kumi Guitar, who is being managed currently by producer, Mark Okraku Mantey, said he was grateful to his parents for giving him the chance to pursue his dreams.

source : Graphic Showbiz

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