Jose Chameleon Denies Fathering A Video Vixen’s Four year Old Son

Ugandan all time top artist Jose Chameleon has strongly denied accusations from Kampala’s video vixen Naila Salim of fathering her four year old son. To prove his innocence, Chameleon went for DNA test after Naila took him to FIDA and accused him of child neglect.

Naila salim

Chameleon’s DNA test results were released and though they came out negative, Naila still insists that he is the Biological father of her son. She even accused Chameleon of using his financial muscles to conspire with doctors to alter the results. Naila was featured in Chameleon’s ‘Vumilia’ and‘Nkwagala Nyo’ videos.

Naila’s family has also maintained that Chameleon is lying and that at the back of his mind, he knows very well that he is responsible for bringing that child on earth and thus want him to help in raising him. They claim that Naila had not been with any other man by the time she conceived the alleged Chameleon son’s pregnancy.

Chameleon is the richest and the most popular artist in Uganda. He is married to Daniella and has five kids, four with her and one with his ex, Dorotia.

jose chameleone and kids
jose chameleone and kids

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