I’ve 5 children with 5 women but I’m marrying none – Wanlov the Kubolor

If you ever hoped to see controversial Afro-Gypsy musician Wanlov the Kubolor settle down with any of the five women he has children with, you have a long wait to endure.

The musician says he does not intend marrying although he already has five children with five women.

Wanlov, who is a member of music duo FOKN Bois, explained to in an interview that he does not believe in man-made institutions such as marriage.

According to him, he does not have time to “devote my life to man-made institutions such as religion and marriage.”

He has five children – aged 7, 4, 2, 2, and 3 weeks old – with American, British, Ghanaian, Danish and Japanese women.

The musician, who is not new to controversy, has given the children very interesting names.

Abonsamposuro, Mali Wasty, Ama Manpi, Tivi Lili and Kojolescu Alata Mori are the names of Wanlov the Kubolor’s children.

For the last born, Kojolescu Alata Mori, he took to Facebook to explain that: “We have named my 5th born child Kojolescu Alata Mori … 1st name is a Ghana/Romania hybrid, 2nd name is to honor his Japanese grandfather + persecuted innocent gay Nigerians and last name is Yaa Ninja’s last name … Domo Arigato.”

He had Kojolescu Alata Mori with his long time girlfriend Shokola Mori popularly known as Yaa Chinese, a Japanese Arts and Cultural Coordinator based in Accra Ghana.

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