Huddah Monroe Shows Off Her Sexy Body!


huddak 2

Colonel Moustapha and Prezzo have one thing in common; Huddah. Though that is just about where the similarities end. Colonel does a different brand of music and Prezzo is “on to the next one” so far as Huddah is concerned. Actually, he has been on the next one for a minute now.


But what exactly do they have in common about Huddah? What exactly is the greater common denominator between the two? Well, the fact that they have seen Huddah in the buff. That means, in the nude. But I am not going to share that. I will however share a picture of Huddah looking as scrumptious as a burger probably looks to a prisoner.

I am drooling right about now. Check out the tall glass of cushitic cuteness, coolly, proudly, prancing about in her knickers:




Now that is a body to be proud of! That is the type of fly female you would want draped round your arm when you’re out at the beach or on the red carpet. Huddah has that million dollar body indeed. I am now don being a fanboy.

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