Hit No More: One-Hit Wonders?

1. Zigi


He was touted as the ‘Prince’ of the Lynx Label which boasted of the likes of Asem, Eazzy, Richie, OJ Black and front man, Richie. His 2011 single, ‘U sey wetin’ was a banger. The production of that song did the trick considering the subpar lyrical prowess exhibited by Zigi. Regardless, that song was a massive hit across Ghana and beyond. He has tried other singles but none attained the popularity level as ‘U sey wetin’. Zigi has tried the ‘Amandas’ and all but he simply can’t free himself from the bracket of the ‘one-hit wonders’.
2. Jay Ghartey

jay ghar

Jay possessed everything to propel any male artiste into super-stardom: good voice, good looks and good physique but all that attributes lasted only for one album and some singles. Jay Ghartey, under the guidance of industry bigwig, Kwame Farkye – released the ‘Shining Gold’ album in 2010, and the single, ‘My Lady’ catapulted the artiste to critical acclaim and international recognition. Jay has tried frantically to replicate the enormous success of ‘My Lady’ but that magic seems to have fizzled, leaving him in the dungeons of the ‘one-hit wonders’.

3. Jon Germain

jon germain
The temperamental Jon Germain will go bonkers to find his name here but who cares; if the ‘one-hit wonder’ bug bites you, it bites you hard and there’s no escape. Many were astounded yet, impressed with the first album, ‘This Is Who I Am’ and Jon was heralded as the originator of Ghanaian ‘Rock’ in 2010. Singles like ‘In My head’, ‘Quiver’ and others won him more fame and popularity. It is interesting to note that, things have not been the same since 2010; it has been frustrating getting another hit and making the right headlines. Although, he has been releasing single after single off his second album, ‘Enigma’ – the hits are simply not forthcoming.

4. D-Cryme


The rise of D Cryme could make for an inspiring allegory; from being a hype man for Sarkodie to winning a deluge of honours but his blatant struggle to produce another hit song after 2010’s ‘Kill Me Shy’ is bewildering – especially when the young lad has been active releasing song after song and video after video. ‘Kill Me Shy’ was more than a banger; it was an anthem that resonated across the region and enabled the artiste to tour the world. Even with the ability to sing and rap, D-Cryme seems to have lost the magic to unleash another hit song.

5. Nana Boroo

The recent faking of death publicity stunt tells how desperate Nana Boroo wants to notch another hit song. Nothing seems to work for the young man after ‘Aha ye de’, way back in 2010; fresh songs are not working, collaborations are not working and even publicity stunts are also not working. What does Nana Boroo got to do get another hit song? Maybe, he should think about relocating to Ghana permanently, because, even those stationed here are struggling, how much less the one who sits overseas and expects the ‘Angel of Hits’ to bless him?

6. Eduwoji

In 2011, Eduwoji was flying high, riding on the success of the Stay Jay-assisted track,’ Yenko Nkoaa’. The success of that song triggered the usual ownership tussle that has characterized the music industry anytime two people feature on a hit song. After the dust was settled, Stay Jay reluctantly relinquished the rights to the song to Eduwoji –who run with it; performing on big platforms and attaining award nominations. Unfortunately, after ‘Yenko Nkoaa’ fizzled, so did the career of Eduwoji. It’s been 3 years and we are yet to hear anything meaningful from the artiste.

7. Atumpan


Atumpan virtually became a household name after the release of the controversial track, ‘The Thing’ in 2011. That song became a theme song for different sectors of the society for different purposes – from politics to social issues. Atumpan has been in the UK since the huge success of the song. He’s been on BBC1 xTra, he’s garnered nominations at MOBO and played at international music festivals. Atumpan has been very active, collaborating with the likes of Samini and Guru to aid him get another hit song, but sadly, he hasn’t got ‘The Thing’.

8. Yaw Siki


Yaw Siki had added his name to the list of artistes who are perceived to have cloaked themselves as gospel artistes when the going got tough in the secular sector. He was the ‘darling boy’ of many after the release of the hit song, ‘Wope dodo’- which paved way for him to perform on big platforms. Another hit song has not been forthcoming even before his unfortunate road accident. We thank God for his life but we also reckon that it will be difficult getting a gospel hit track; ask Ofori Amponsah and Lord Kenya.

8. Deborah Vanessa

Yes, Sista Debbie is talented when it comes to modeling, TV presentation and acting as a video vixen but the same attribute is obviously non-existent when it comes to music. Regardless of that shortcoming, she was still able to produce a hit song, ‘Uncle Obama’ in 2012, which came with a well-produced music video. How that song became a hit beats the imagination of music critics but it got her some international recognition (an interview on CNN). Deborah is looking for another Uncle that can possibly get her another hit. Uncle Mahama won’t bad, will it?


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