Hiplife Music Is Irrelevant – King Ayisoba

The genre of Ghanaian music which has catapulted many artistes to stardom, fame and to riches and indeed, had propagated Ghanaian music to some international heights is being rubbished by Ghanaian artiste, King Ayisoba, as being irrelevant in this present time.

Ayisoba disclosed that, after many years of touring the world, he’s realized that the international market is not interested in Ghanaian hiplife songs and artistes who brand themselves as hiplife artistes are less regarded.

“There’s no benefit in Ghanaian music and it is becoming useless. We make noise over Azonto and hiplife music in Ghana but they all end up in Ghana. I have toured many countries and no Ghanaian artiste is popular internationally,” he revealed.

Talking about the state of Ghanaian music, he lamented that none of the Azonto songs are popular outside Ghana. “The international market doesn’t want those who do hiplife because they can’t be better than the hip-hop musicians there,” he stated.

Ayisoba, who believes that none of the current artistes are legends, advised the hiplife musicians who want to go international to learn and do songs that can compete in the international market.

On his hiatus from the Ghanaian music scene, he explained: “The fact that I haven’t come out with my new album doesn’t mean I am irrelevant. I am the one who’s not ready to come out with an album so it’s not as if I have faded out of the music industry or I’m no longer relevant.” “I have been touring Europe and also engaged in other musical activities. I have been very active in music so if anyone hasn’t heard from me or seen me on any Ghanaian stage, it doesn’t mean I’m not active. I came from abroad this week. I toured Belgium, Denmark and Spain,” he boasted.

He added that, as part of his music calendar, he will be releasing his fourth album in ten years time, so fans who are expecting to see his next album should be expecting it in ten years, because; with the type of music he does, he needs to take his time in composing and recording.

According to him, he used seven years to record his first album, four years for his second album, and three years to record his third  album – so, ten years is okay, because, it will enable him come out with good quality music. “When I say ten years, it doesn’t mean I will not be relevant in the game, rather, I will be touring, recording and doing other activities which will keep my name up there. With my first album, because I was a new artiste, I had a lot of attention but people had no idea about how many years it took me to come out with that quality song,” he expressed.

Talking about his experience in the international tour, he gave account of the fact that, there are lots of sponsors, international festivals and companies who have shown interest in marketing his previous albums.

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