Give Me the Awards or Else… – Guru

Hiplife artiste, Guru has issued a subtle threat to organizers of the highly-publicized Ghana Music Awards on the upcoming awards. The artiste, speaking on Peace FM last weekend, asserted that, he had done more than enough to scoop more than three awards.

“Based on the hit singles I released during the year in contention and based on the feedback I receive from my fans, there’s no way I won’t pick up awards. I deserve them,” he stated.

The artiste stated unequivocally that he would not take it lightly if he does not pick any award this year, especially after he was given a raw deal last year. The artiste suggested that his ‘Lapaz Toyota’ track was the biggest song of 2012, yet, it was snubbed by the VGMA Board.

“It has almost become a pattern that one needs to attack the awards before he/she wins it and if I don’t win this year, then something will happen,” he presaged.

The artiste also gloated that he has performed more shows across the country than any other artiste in Ghana over the last year. “I am not an ‘Accra’ artiste, I perform in cities across the whole Ghana, and therefore I can confidently state that I have out-performed everybody else in the game.”

‘Lapaz Toyota’ became a talking point when the song failed to make it in the 2012 VGMA nominations and the rapper accused some members of the VGMA Board for advertently snubbing the song. The rapper is surely in contention for 2014 VGMA due the popularity of his song ‘Boys Abr3’.

Source: Razz

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