Gifty Osei to be less fashionista; Promises to wear long dresses

About eight months ago, gospel diva, Gifty Osei, blew off harsh criticisms from relatives, fans and the public concerning her makeup, long eyelashes and her trendy onstage movements by saying that she is fashionable for God. But barely a year later, the Fefeefe singer says she’s making a  turnaround as she has decided to wear only long dresses and moderate makeup from now onwards.

Speaking with Showbiz over the weekend, she said: “I am bringing out a new me that is totally different from the Gifty Osei Ghanaians have known over the years. Henceforth no more short and skimpy dresses for me whether for performances or events but it does not mean I will stop making up altogether. I will do it but not as much as I did before.”

In an answer to if the criticisms she has had over the years have had any influence on her decision to tone down, the one time winner of Ghana Music Awards Gospel Song of the Year award said that as a performer, sometimes she has had to listen to what her patrons say but she has come to her decision all by herself.

“Yet, it’s not what people say about me that is important to God. God looks at the heart regarding anything I do. God doesn’t take people’s opinions about you into consideration. He looks at your heart,” she said.

Responding to a question whether her sudden change from  “being fashionable for God”  and now less fashionable stance would not lead people to think that she was a person who does not stick to her convictions, Gifty  said she doesn’t let people’s negative opinions affect her and her ministry for God.

“What they will think is their perception. I know where God has taken me from, where He’s brought me and where He is taking me so what people say will not discourage me because I know the God I serve. So this year, whatever people say, its going to be long dresses throughout”, she said.

The interview couldn’t have been complete without her stating her husband Pastor Prince Elisha Osei’s stand on the new Gifty Osei.  She said: “I have a husband who understands the work I’m doing and whether rain or shine, whether bitter or sweet he’s there with me.

“Whenever I want to take a course of action, I consult with him and all he asks us to do is to pray over it. He always encourages me to go for it and take whatever course of action I’ve set my heart on.”

Asked what warranted all these changes, she attributed them to the fact that it is part of her new brand and also because she was under a new management.

Touching on her plans for this year, the gospel fashionista told Showbiz that she’s created a new dance called “Empress Dance” that she’s going to premiere in her new video very soon.

She says of the dance: “Empress Dance is like that of David’s in the Bible, where he danced till his robes fell off. Just like David’s dance, ‘Empress Dance’ is indescribable. I just want my fans to keep their fingers crossed and watch out for that dance.”

In her last words to her fans, she said they should be patient and wait upon the Lord because He would do great and marvelous things the eyes have not seen and urged them to grab copies of her latest single Jesus be too Much and to watch out for her album launch later this month.

gifty osei

source: graphic showbiz

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