I Gave Birth, So what? – Obaapa Christy

Celebrated gospel artiste, Obaapa Christy, formerly called Christiana Love is not enthused about the talkative attitude of Ghanaians and has criticized her country men for dabbling in matters that do not concern them.

The songstress , who is in town from her foreign base to promote her VCD, a compilation of music videos; was speaking her mind when she was asked about the issue with regards to her giving birth out of wedlock – an issue that made headlines a few years ago during her tumultuous break-up with her estranged husband, Pastor Love.

“People are saying I gave birth, so what? Ghanaians talk too much, especially on matters that have no bearing on their lives. I am not concerned about what they say about me as I am focused on stuff that will uplift my music,” she muttered.

Obaapa also asserted that, Ghanaians and the media love to dwell much on negativity and she is all about positivity and is concerned with the progress of her career and work. “One should not pay attention to what people say about him/her. What is said about you will not make you,” she admonished.

On her marriage with Pastor Love, Christy was assertive in saying that they are no more together and she has moved on to new chapters in her life. “We are no longer together,” she said plainly.

On speculations that she has re-married, the ‘No Fears’ singer shot such conjecture down by claiming that she is single. In a not-too-convincing mode, Christy claimed that she has remained single since her separation from her former husband.

The artiste, who has remained inactive in the music business for a while, is promoting the compilation of her music videos that is up for sale. She also assured Ghanaians and her loyal fans that she’s working in the studio and her next album will be ready soon.

In 2011, the then Christiana Love and her manager-husband, Pastor Love made headlines when they accused each other of infidelity, adultery and deceit during the nine years of their marriage. According to Christy, her decision to divorce her pastor husband stemmed from the unceasing abuses he subjects her to – sometimes beating her up in the presence of his girlfriend. Christiana said her husband impregnated another woman – a woman she accuses of being at the centre of all her marital problems – in his church at the same time she was also expecting his child.


Source: Razz Newspaper

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