It’s False: C.K. Mann Not Poor

Music lovers were shaken when news of legendary highlife singer, C.K. Mann hit the internet about his poor state of health and destitute. In the news that was released by, it stated that the musician was seriously ill and so poor -he couldn’t afford three-square meal a day.

However, Bernard Avle, host of Citi FM’s Morning Show has repudiated such claims and called the story baseless. The well-listened-to broadcaster asserted that, his firm followed up on the story and stated authoritatively that C.K. Mann was not in the unpleasant state as described by the website.

“C.K. Mann is not poor; the story is not true. The man recently made donations to some less-privileged homes, so the story is false,” he said on his show.

“I do not know where the story came from but unfortunately, it is on the internet and managed to get its way into the newspapers,” he expressed his disappointment.

The original story from is captured below;

“Information gathered by ghanacelebrities says veteran Ghanaian Highlife musician, C. K. Mann, is seriously dying as a result of a terrible illness. According to our source, Mr. Mann has been battling with illness for some months now. Unfortunately, the musician, who has been singing for well over 40 years now, is so poor that he can’t even afford three square meals a day; not to talk of footing his hospital bills.

Our source went further to disclose that Mr. Mann keeps sending messages through people to some of his old pals – musicians to come to his aid. Whilst some went to him to support financially when he first got sick, others didn’t even care about his invitation for help.

Since MUSIGA stands for the welfare of musicians, ghanacelebrities contacted the Administrator of the union, Mr. Ahuma Daddy Bosco, and he confirmed “well its true C. K. Mann is seriously sick. I got confirmation from our Welfare Officer.

He also confirmed Mr. C. K. Mann was admitted on Friday 7th March, 2014 at a hospital in the Western region called Gapoa. Since this is a fresh case, the Welfare Officer told me he would send a message to our Western regional representative to visit Mr. C. K. Mann and after receiving a report to that effect, we shall take the next action.”

We also learnt from our source that the music collection society in Ghana – Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO), once went to visit Mr. Mann and gave him some monies for his upkeep. We called Mr. Mann’s number many times to talk to him but the calls were not answered.

However, the poor ‘Adwoa Yanki’ hit maker still remains ‘Oliver Twist’ – asking for more help. GhanaCelebrities.Com wants to use this opportunity to honour our corporate social responsibility; by appeal to all our fans, readers, well wishers, to kindly donate for this Godly cause.”


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