No End to Pastor Love & Obaapa Christy Fight

Pastor Love and Christiana Love (now Obaapa Christy) made headlines in 2011 when their tumultuous union was exposed in the media and heavily discussed by the general public.  After few years of separation, the two are still engaged in some bizarre misunderstandings concerning proceedings in their failed marriage and custody of their kids.

Over the week, Pastor Love was invited to The Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the Ghana Police Service upon a report lodged at the institute by Obaapa Christy who accused the former husband of emotional and psychological abuse. Pastor Love was held at the DOVSU premises for almost the whole day until a concerned friend bailed him.

Commenting on the DOVVSU invitation, Pastor Love explained that his detention at the Unit baffled him because it is rather Christy who is abusing him psychologically by preventing him from seeing and visiting one of their kids who resides with the former wife in Germany.

According to him, he has custody of two of their kids who are always available anytime their mother wishes to see them but anytime he has made efforts to visit and see their other kid living in Germany, Obaapa vehemently refuse such requests.

Commenting on Obaapa Christy’s front page cover in Razz last week, Pastor Love expressed surprise at his former wife’s claim that Ghanaians talk too much. “I don’t know why she is saying Ghanaians talk too much because, if what Ghanaians are talking about concerns her marriage then she has no cause to make such statement. She should know that it is Ghanaians who live with her in Germany; the same Ghanaians she meets at the airport and the same Ghanaians live in Kasoa where she stays with her new husband in Ghana. She should therefore know that wherever she goes and whatever she does, people know about it so she shouldn’t say Ghanaian talk too much because they are just saying what they see,” he stressed.

Pastor Love went on to make some brazen accusations against her former wife, saying that the man, Nana Asante who was at the center of all the troubles in their marriage which made the news years ago, is currently living together with Obaapa Christy in Germany. The two fly to Ghana often together and many people have confirmed seeing them together in Germany and in Ghana, he claims.

According to him, Nana Asante is the man who had an affair with his gospel singer wife in Germany while they were still married with kids in Ghana and he was the reason for their break up.

Pastor Love said Christy had been shamefully warming Nana Asante’s bed after their split and they have been engaged in Ghana. “She is now married to Nana Asante as they got married about two weeks ago. The same man she denied on Adom FM that she never dated is the same man she’s married to now, so why is she saying Ghanaians talk too much? Ghanaians talk because they see the truth and talk about it,” he disclosed.

Pastor Love felt vindicated by stating, “All the things I said about her in the media in 2011 were true and everybody can see it now. She disgraced me on Adom FM and said a lot of things to cover her bad deeds but thank God that, Ghanaians are seeing it now. Most of the gospel musicians are aware of this and in Germany, people know that all what I said is the truth and I never lied.”

Pastor Love, who is the General Overseer of Life Power Miracle Church, said he is happy Ghanaians are now seeing the kind of liar Obaapa Christy is. “Ghanaians should know that she is a liar because all the things she said on Adom FM amidst crying that I disgraced her, was just for public deception because she knew in her heart and in her mind that she was cheating on me but she cried to Ghanaians and denied everything. Now, she is doing exactly what she denied. God cannot be mocked and you can’t do something and hide it forever. God will make the truth come out one day.”

He continued that he doesn’t have anything against Christy and whatever she decides to do with her life but she should know that, what she is doing is hurting and affecting her family and people close to her. He revealed that they have 3 sons but because of her behaviour, they had to separate the kids. He has custody two of the boys (first and second born) and their last boy lives with his mother and according to him, the separation is affecting the kids.

He disclosed that Obaapa does not call to find out how the two boys with him are faring and whenever she goes to Germany, she doesn’t allow him to communicate with his son. The only time all the three boys come together for few occasions is when Obaapa comes to Ghana and per his account; she doesn’t come to Ghana very often – adding that within the past three years, he has spoken to his son only once.

Asked about the ownership of the songs Christiana Love released whiles they were married, Pastor Love, who wrote and composed most of Christy’s songs, said he wants sleeping dogs to lie and leave the past behind him so he has washed his hands off everything they did together.

When Razz asked about his marital status, Pastor Love said he has not married yet but he has a woman in his life and he is currently praying to God about it and plans to marry her very soon.

Source: Razz

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