DIS BE GHANA! Wanlov Drops New Single Talking About Anas Exposé,…

Musician Wanlov the Kubolor, has released his version of Donald Glover’s political hit song “This is America”. has it for you!

Wanlov’s version, titled “Dis Be Ghana”, took aim at the hypocrisy among Ghanaians and how politicians are making money off the sweats of the people.

Ghanaians called on the FOKN Bois made up of Wanlov and Mensa to record the Ghanaian version but the latter publicly announced that they were not going to record any “This is Ghana”.

It looks like Wanlov, the other half of the group was thinking of something else when Mensa made the statement days ago.

The controversial musician has released “This Is Ghana” to join the several covers many other nationals have done.

In the new single, the outspoken singer real name Emmanuel Owusu-Bonsu touched on many problems facing Ghanaians.

Listen to the full song below:

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