D’banj is a legendary womanizer – UK Daily Mail

British newspaper, UK Daily Mail has described Nigerian music star, D’banj as a legendary womanizer.

The newspaper gave the description in a report titled “Kenya Moore’s fake ‘African Prince’ boyfriend, a ‘rented’ Bentley and massive money woes: Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore stretches reality TV to the limit”.

The Nigerian musician, known in real life as Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo, has for some years now had flings with several female personalities notable among them is Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji.

The “legendary womanizer” description tagged the ‘Oliver Twist’ singer is coming on the heels of allegations that he might have had, or is having, a love fling with American actress, model, author, and producer, Kenya Moore.

Kenya Moore, who is also a former Miss USA, has been bombarded by claims from co-stars that her story that she’s been swept off her feet by an ‘African Prince’ – who has never been seen – is fake.

MailOnline has learnt that the closest identity of Kenya’s mystery man is that he is Nigerian pop star D’Banj.

Kenya has been accused of drawing up an agreement to pay him up to $40,000 to pose as her boyfriend and provide her with an interesting storyline for the upcoming reunion show.

“D’Banj, who splits his time between Nigeria, the UK and Lagos, is known for his playboy lifestyle as well as his music. He calls girls who are good in bed ‘kokos’,” the paper said.

UK Daily Mail alleged that, “While he may not be quite that rich, D’Banj is a huge star in his home country, where he is renowned as a legendary womanizer.”

According to the paper, D’banj’s “nickname is the Koko master, which is Nigerian slang for someone who has a harem of women and he has even brought out his own range of condoms.”

Source :  UK Daily Mail

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