Davido, Dr Frabz, Shank In Fierce Public Fight Over Money

Decorum was lost and thrown in the gutters some days ago when the trio of Davido, Dr Frabz and Shank spread their dirty linens outside.

From what we gathered, Shank took to twitter to open the can of worms between he and Dr Frabz over money owed the former by the latter.

He tweeted, “big man, pay me my money” which was not responded to by Dr Frabz until Davido intervened with his ‘Laughing My As* Out (lmao)’ tweet.

This got Dr Frabz angry and also forced a reply, “David, you are advised to stay out of the matter for your own sake.”

In another tweet, Dr Frabz got his own pay back on Shank when he tweeted, “I guess you are now happy about disgracing yourself all over twitter?

“Clap for yourself! You loose! It’s your turn now, PAY ME MY MONEY for the songs I produced for you if you want it. Fo*l.”

As if this was not enough, Dr Frabz further tweeted, “and pay my PA the money you’ve been owing him for months. He sold clothes to you. Didn’t he?”

This is not the first time Nigerian celebrities have gone public to fight on twitter.

Ruggedman, Goldie, Terry G, MI and others have all engaged one another at one time on twitter.

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