Danger: Musician,Tinny Faces Death Scare

According to a prophet, award-winning musician, real name Nii Addo Quaynor aka Tinny, has been warned by a spiritualist for exhibiting gross ungratefulness to the said spiritualist who happens to be the spiritual father of the artist.

In an exclusive interview, Prophet Samuel Baffoe, Founder of Elshadai Prayer Ministry, located in Spintex, he claimed that according to what he has seen in the spiritual realm, an old man has warned Tinny to be careful else a tragedy betides him.

“First, I must admit that I don’t know Tinny. If he is standing in front of me right now or he’s on a TV, I won’t be able to make him out. But this is what happened; I was praying for someone and in the process, the revelation came. I saw a very old man warning Tinny to use someone’s calamity as a lesson. The old man was very serious about what he was telling Tinny. Tinny only looked on without uttering a word.”

Prophet Baffoe, who is said to have the gift of interpreting spiritual matters, explained in plain terms that the old man is actually a spiritualist – Tinny’s spiritual head.

“The old man is Tinny’s spiritual head or father. In other words, Tinny goes to him for spiritual assistance in many forms. However, Tinny has jilted that spiritualist for another spiritualist – which is a very bad conduct. It’s an act of disrespect and gross ungratefulness.”
“The spiritualist is telling Tinny to use someone’s calamity as a lesson. That someone in this sense is Castro who is feared dead. So, the spiritualist is warning Tinny to be careful, else a mysterious misfortune like that of Castro, does not befall him. Calamity in this sense is death.”

On how he got to know that the Tinny he saw is the popular musician Tinny we all know, he said: “Personally, I don’t follow your showbiz industry so what I did was that, I called someone who follows showbiz and the fellow confirmed to me that Tinny is a musician.”
Prophet Baffoe further stated that, there’s more mystery to the revelation about Tinny but he wish to withhold them in order not to cause too much panic to the artist or his fans.

“I would like to meet him and advise him. If I meet him, I will ask him a lot of questions to see how best we can avert things,” he revealed.

Razz Newspaper

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