Dad Again: Wanlov The Kubolor Welcomes a New Baby

Controversial Ghanaian music artist, Wanlov The Kubolor has welcomed an addition to his life. wanlov
A baby boy believed to be named Kojo was born by his long-time girlfriend Shokola Mori popularly known as Yaa Chinese, a Japanese Arts and Cultural Coordinator based in Accra, Ghana.

wanlov babe1

Wanlov, in a series of tweets after the delivery of the baby claims he has five (5) children in all.

Wanlov is one-half of the ever-quirky group, FOKN Bois, who make headlines, more from their ‘idiosyncrasies’ than their music. The group has been involved in a lot of mind-boggling acts that have made the headlines.

wanlov n babe mama

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