Chase Supports Shatta’s ‘Fight’ With Charterhouse


In his second ‘diss’ song to Charterhouse, VGMA Artiste of the Year, Shatta Wale, called out his fellow artistes, calling them cowards for their inability to speak up against what he perceives to be ill-treatment. That call might have triggered one artiste to speak up and lend his support.

Ghanaian R&B musician, Chase Forever, has told Razz Newspaper it will be better for Ghanaian musicians to follow the precedence Shatta Wale has set against Charterhouse, instead of criticizing him.

In his submission, he stated that in Nigeria, it got to a time when Nigerian musicians were not paid well but music duo, P-Square set a rule that, until they are paid 50% of what the foreign artistes who perform in Nigeria get, they won’t perform on the same stage with any foreign act.

“When I heard people criticizing Shatta Wale for refusing to perform at the Ghana Music Awards night due to the fact that Charterhouse could not pay the amount he charged them, I got worried because GHC 70, 000 is almost $ 20,000 which is not a big deal for a top artiste of the moment,” he said.

“If Nigerian artistes are taking $30,000 to $ 50,000, I don’t see any big deal with Shatta Wale pricing GHC 70, 000,” Chase said. He advised that it would be better for Ghanaian musicians to come together to follow the example that Shatta Wale has set, because, it will go a long way to benefit the industry.

“The other time, I saw a veteran Ghanaian musician and I wasn’t happy with his condition, looking at the fact that he has played a bigger role in the Ghanaian music industry; so it’s time for Ghanaian musicians to come together and unite so we can move forward,” Chase advised.

Talking about the way forward for his music career, he said that, he sometimes felt like quitting music. He was not taking his career seriously until he lost his brother. He then felt the need to do something with his music.

“It is difficult doing everything myself. The musicians doing azonto have monopolized the market, so as an R&B artiste, it is difficult to penetrate,” he lamented.

Chase also suggested that the reason why it’s become difficult for him to promote his album although Nigerians are doing R&B songs and doing well in Ghana is because; Ghanaians love to glorify everything foreign.

He advised MUSIGA to play a vital role by making sure that 90% of Ghanaian music is played on radio. He promised his fans on releasing his full album, ‘Unappreciated,’ in few months to come. Songs on the album includes, ‘Survivor,’ ‘Pull Me Down,’ ‘Boozman Anthem,’ ‘Dance for Me,’ ‘Crazy Love,’ ‘Lonely,’ ‘Blow You Away,’ ‘Cookie,’ ‘Don’t Cry When I’m Gone’ and ‘Crazy Love’. He has shared the same stage with well acclaimed international stars like Mario and Shontelle.












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