IT WAS APRIL FOOL! That Is Why He Pulled The ‘April Fool’ baby Prank-Prince David Osei

Prince David Osei

Actor Prince David Osei has revealed that some family members and colleague actors, actually fell for the April Fool prank he pulled on April 1. noted the actor post on his Instagram page that he and his wife, Lousia Nana Ama Aseiduwaa, had welcomed a baby girl.

“Awwww Thank God! finally my spermatozoa made it..Welcome Queen, pls help me celebrate my people….Elohim be praised..Happy New Month!Christ is risen, a queen is born HAPPY APRIL FOOL,” he said in the post.

This is the picture he put on Instagram

Of course, right after he put the picture up, well wishers and family members sent their congratulatory messages to the actor and his wife.

After his revelation about it being an April Fool prank, some fans who couldn’t take the joke, lambasted him. Turns out some family members were not happy as well.

Watch the video below as he talks about this in an interview with Becky on EWITHBECKS on Joy Prime.

In the interview, the actor also gives a glimpse into life on movie sets in Ghana and how a lot of work goes into the movies people watch at the cinemas, TVs and even mobile phones.

Watch the video below:

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