Amandzeba blasts Kojo Antwi

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The softpoken highlife musician, Amandzeba Nat Brew, has warned Kojo Antwi to refrain from making defamatory statements that seek to undermine the credibility of the board members of the Ghana Music Right Organisation (GHAMRO).

He also cautioned the media to cross check facts before publication and not allow themselves to be used by unscrupulous persons with selfish interests.

Kojo Antwi in an interview with Razz Newspaper last week alleged that some members of GHAMRO board have assigned to themselves special powers which permit them to do anything they want with the organisation.

He again alleged that those members were the only persons on the board who were signatories to all GHAMRO cheques instead of all the 14 members.

Kojo Antwi also disclosed that the three or four members have also opened different bank accounts without the knowledge of the other members of the board and the entire GHAMRO members.

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Reacting to various defamatory statements made by Kojo Antwi, Amandzeba challenged Kojo Antwi to mention the names of those members who have opened the accounts he was claiming of.

He also challenged Kojo Antwi to produce evidence of wrongdoings against those board members.

Amandzeba described the allegations as a mere fabrications only to throw dust into the eyes of the stakeholders in the music industry, adding, “If you don’t have a proof why do make allegations you cannot support with evidence.”

He warned that music owners should also beware of some unreliable veteran stakeholders who are seeking to create division among musicians within the group.

On his part, the Chairman of GHAMRO, Carlos Sakyi said, “Those who making allegations they cannot prove with evidence lack a sense of direction.”

He expressed worry at the attempt being made by certain ungrateful individuals to destroy the united front that GHAMRO had always represented.

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Source: Daily Guide

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