Ain’t no stopping for Samini — As he marks 10 years in music

Ain’t no stopping Samini now; so it seems. The award-winning artiste keeps on being busy in his decade-long music career.

Only last December Samini released his fifth album Next Page online and as expected from an artiste of his calibre, the album is doing considerably well.

Samini, the Dancehall King told Showbiz last Friday that he is putting together some events to mark the anniversary.

Even before the events to mark his anniversary take off, he has been nominated for two international awards including the Black Canadians Award in the Best International Act category.

The award is for black people who excel in their fields of endeavour and it comes off on Saturday, March 1.

The visibly excited Samini told Showbiz that he is really excited about the award, “I urge my fans and all Ghanaians to vote for me by going to the awards website,, go to the Best International Act Category and vote ‘Samini’, he said.”

Samini’s collaboration song, Summer Party, which he did with Jamaican artiste, Demarco, has also been nominated for the Best International  Collaboration in Australia. That event will be held at a yet to be confirmed date.

Away from music and awards, Samini disclosed to Showbiz, “I am opening my restaurant in DC (Dansoman), it is 98% ready. Hopefully, it will open in March and it will be called Dancestardom.”

Speaking about his impressions of the music industry in Ghana in the last 10 years,  Samini said, “The industry has changed, it has really changed and developed, it is growing. My first album in 2004 was on a cassette, now CDs and digital downloads have become the in thing.

“Now, everyone has Internet on their phones, things were different when we were coming up.

It has become very easy to become a star because one can record a demo and put it online and immediately it is accessible to consumers.”

According to Samini, the large number of people who download the works of musicians don’t really care or are not the same people who will come for live shows so if one thinks that the number of people who download one’s music are the same who will come for shows, it is a big mistake.

Is Samini eyeing any awards at this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards? “Like any other artiste, I am looking forward to some nominations, “I have worked hard and it won’t be bad to grab some awards.”

To his numerous fans, this is what the dancehall show stopper had to say, “Thank you for holding me down from 2004 till now, you have been very supportive and part of my success story.

This is just the beginning of greater stuff to come, keep the Samini Music Spirit alive. Akye Saaaaaaaaaaa.”


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