At 80 Years, Ebo Taylor Is Still the Ghanaian Artist with the Highest International Appeal


Ghanaian musician, Ebo Taylor, is truly a legend, in every sense of the word. There’s no dispute over his status as a consummate musician who came, saw and has been conquering for the past 6, yes, 6 decades.

At 80 years of age, Ebo Taylor still sits on top of the log as the most recognizable and most respected Ghanaian artist on the international market – and guess what, he’s been atop for so long.

At this age, he still trumps over these young ‘boastful ‘Ghanaian acts as the artist to be the most engaged internationally, for concerts and music festivals and refreshingly, it is highlife music that gets him there.


He has been touring the world for the past 6 decades and there’s no stopping this revered son of the land, who has dedicated more than half of his lifetime to the arts and to projecting highlife music and Ghana to the international fore.

It may be argued that, Ebo Taylor’s recognition in his homeland is not resounding, compared to what he garners on the world stage – and that is quite baffling!  Disappointingly, an Ebo Taylor concert in Ghana will no attract more than 50 people, yet, thousands attend his concerts overseas.

This is due to his lack of popularity in his homeland, a birthplace where music critics and the media has failed to tell his achievements and to propagate the stellar works he’s been  doing for the past decades.

Under the aegis of UK-based Strut Records, he’s played at almost every city around the World.



Last year, he played at major cities including a 5-city tour in Spain and tour dates for early next year are being released already – as he is expected to play on February 4, 2017 at new Morning, Paris, France and on February 5, he will be at L’Epicerie, Moderne, France.

“I played in Holland, I played in Sicily, I played in Portugal, I played in Spain, I played in Italy, I played in Sweden, I played in Denmark, I played in Norway, I even played in faraway Japan and I also came to play in Brazil and in Morocco,” he told in 2016 and he played at all these cities within two years.

In his lifetime as a musician, he has expertise as a producer, composer, an arranger, guitarist and an Artiste and Repertoire. He’s played for and formed several bands, spanning the 1960s to date – including Stargazers Band, Broadway Dance Band, and Black Star Highlife band.


As an Artiste and Repertoire Manager for Essiebons in the 1970s, he produced the maiden albums of other legendary highife artists like Gyedu Blay Ambolley, CK Mann, Paapa Yankson, and Jewel Ackah.

Over the years, the works of Ebo Taylor have been sampled by many internationally-acclaimed music stars and one that stands out is Usher’s 2010 hit single, ‘She Don’t Know’ featuring Ludacris, off his ‘Raymond VS Raymond’ album –  sampled from Ebo Taylor’s ‘Heaven’, released in the 70s.


For 9 years, he imparted knowledge to students as he tutored at the University of Ghana.

Yes, your favourite young Ghanaian act may gloat all he/she wants about garnering some international spotlight, but don’t hesitate to let them know, that, the person with the most and longest-surviving shine is the legendary Ebo Taylor and that’s a fact!

By Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo,

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