Yvonne Nelson Mocks Critics

Whoever said the Stars do not pay attention to what is written and said about them in the media? And whoever said they do not pay heed to commentary shared by the general public on their lives?  Surely, actress Yvonne Nelson does take notice of all the talk concerning her life, career and of course, her perceived bleached skin.

In the last couple of months, the actress has come under scrutiny over her skin colour change and whenever the subject of bleaching comes up, the name Yvonne Nelson gets the mention.

The actress’s name popped up when some international website chronicled a list of celebrities who are purported to have bleached and she also became the headlining act for a phony story of her admitting to using ‘Queen Elizabeth Cocoa Butter Cream’ to enhance her skin colour.

The actress responded to all the talk about her skin colour when she shared photos from her photo shoot session with HF Magazine. She wrote, “HF Magazine…..don’t forget to get a copy.. Ooo wait a min.. What happened to THE Ghanaian definition of bleaching? The colour.. Was it the editor? Did the sun burn the colour away? Is her cocoa butter finished? Ignorance kills. Geeeeez!! Hahahahahahaha…. I enjoy some stories.”

By virtue of her post, the actress still rubbishes the incessant talk of her bleaching and commends the editor of HF Magazine for actually presenting her true skin colour in the magazine.

Source: Razz


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