Tonto Dikeh Talks About Lesbianism

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has gotten her fair share of negative stories written about her alleging being a lesbian, which she has constantly denied. However, this morning, she took to social media to talk about lesbianism and those who practice it in a more confusing manner. Read her comment below and make your conclusions:

“I dnt fink I understand Galz, Lesbianism n Deir constant battle abt friend snatching..Like really?? NObody who wntz to stay gets snatched, dey walk away coz U RE cold now to a Hotter New..

“Itz Only natural, Calm down Karma is a bitch, D New fry getz Old too..Jux like ma writeup sayz As u Lozz dem u re Growinup*Soon watz wrong wit grownUpz*SHOUTOUT to all ma Friendz I Love

“You Ain’t Growing up if you ain’t losing friends.”

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