Sad: Yvonne Nelson Reveals Why She Can’t Find Love

Ghanaian star, Yvonne Nelson, has accepted the fact she is not lucky in love and has given reasons for her bad luck with affairs of the heart.

The actress, who produced the chart-topping movie ‘Single, Married and Complicated,’ took to twitter to talk about the major reasons why she has not found love and stated that her high expectations in relationships may be the reasons she has not found love and blames this on movies.

She also gave her candid opinion on relationships, pointing out that, no relationship is a total waste, while the wrong ones teaches one to prepare for the right ones.

Saying that Yvonne Nelson has been unlucky in love is stating the obvious.

Recall her stormy relationship with Nigerian singer, Iyanya, which many thought would lead to the altar but later crashed like a badly arranged pack of cards.

Aside Iyanya, Yvonne has had two other failed relationships which, according to her friends, has devastated her and made them wonder why she always settles for the wrong men. With her confession, we can all see why her relationships fail. She tweeted the following:

“I blame movies for my high expectations in relationships.”

“No relationship is a waste of time. The wrong ones teach you the lessons that prepare you for the right ones.”

Credit: pulse

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