Really?:Female Actors Not Yet Producers Are Not Poor

With the wave of female actors fast-becoming movie producers, the very few who still love to remain just actors are beginning to feel some pressure from critics, who have started tagging them as not having the resources and the connections to produce and lead the cast in their own movies.

Such an assertion has been rejected by one-time Ghana Movie Awards ‘Best Female Actor’, Roselyn Ngissah, who says that – the female actors not producing are far from poor.

“It is cheap talk for someone to say that, the rest of us who are not shooting our own movies are poor. Not everyone will love to set up his or her own production and when one says that we are poor, what’s rich and what’s poor? How do you value rich and how do you value poor?” she queried.

She mentioned that fellow award-winning actress, Jackie Appiah has equally been in the industry for a long time and has not produced her own movie, but she still remains one of the most relevant actresses as far as movie-making is concerned in Ghana.

“I am still shooting and have lot of unreleased movies. The fact that others are shooting doesn’t mean we should all rush to shoot. It is not easy shooting and I respect all the female actresses who have entered into production: shooting is hard work,” she said.

She explained that it hasn’t occurred to her to shoot her own movie yet, though some producers have approached for some collaboration in movie production. She still believes the transition from acting to producing is just a matter of choice and time.

“I have had proposals but I am studying all of them before I make any decision on that,” she added.

Roselyn who just won the ‘Best Lead Actress’ in the just-ended 2014 edition of Africa Films Movement (AFRIFIMO) Awards held in Maryland, USA, said that she’s currently on set shooting other movies. She has starred in over twenty (20) movies and television drama series including ‘Sin Of The Soul’ ,’4play’, ‘Reckless’, ‘Broadway’, ‘I Stand Accused’, ‘Princess Tyra’, ‘Power of the gods’, ‘Last Victory’, ‘My Sister’s Honour’, ‘Sin Of The Soul’, and ‘Adams Apples’, among others.

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