Nollywood is in a disgracefully sickening state – Clarion Chukwura

Veteran actress and mother of star director Clarence Peters has spoken about her disappointment with how the Nigerian movie industry is today.

“It hasn’t improved at all. It is now a proverbial ‘state’ that makes one to weep. Everything has fallen to a disgraceful state. No standards are left,” she said.

According to her, whiles on set in Enugu, she witnessed something that was “sickening.”

“The producer and the director were shouting at each other. The production manager was insulting the director of photographer. I was shocked and I could not imagine it.

The artistic director would just walk away and actors are not directed on what to do,” she stated.

She also lamented over the fact that because the standards have fallen “any green horn could hit the set and believe that she could sleep her way to the top. It’s just sickening.”

She also advised movie directors to be mindful of who they cast for movie roles.

Clarion Chukwura AFROVIBEZ

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