Mr. Beautiful – Kumasi Producers Are Immature

Ghanaian actor, Clement Bonney aka Mr. Beautiful, is still seething with anger over the obvious snub from local movie directors, who have refused to use him in any of their  movies due to his political affiliation.

In December 2013, Mr. Beautiful accused Kumasi-based movie producers for sidelining him for openly displaying his political colours and rallying behind the then National Democratic Congress’ Presidential candidate (NDC), John Mahama during the 2012 Presidential elections

Following his accusation, movie producer, Paul Gee, admonished him on some of the steps he should take in order for him to start shooting movies again.

In a chat with Mr. Beautiful, he confirmed to Razz that the misunderstanding between him and the Kumasi-based producers hasn’t been solved because he deems the advice Paul Gee gave him as illogical.

According to him, he was livid when Paul Gee asked him to apologize to the Kumasi producers for his choice to campaign for President Mahama; an advice he rejected. “I have never regretted campaigning for John Mahama. It’s better for me to put my job on the line for Prez. Mahama. I have never lost anything after the campaign.”

“Things are very positive for me, so I see no need of going to beg them,” Mr. Beautiful told this paper. To him, the fact that he’s not on screen like he used to, doesn’t mean he’s not active. He claimed to be doing lot of work in the movie industry.

Mr. Beautiful proved his relevance in the industry by claiming that, 3 months ago, he produced a TV Drama Series for TV3 in which he effected changes and roped in some commercials from huge corporate firms including Telecom Company, Globacom (Glo).

Talking about his plans to shoot his own movies in future, he stated that although many people are claiming that NDC has to sponsor him before he can get work to do, he personally see no reason why a political party should support him, because he didn’t work for the party but worked for John Mahama.

Mr. Beautiful went on to talk about the vacuum created in the movie industry due the producers’ refusal to use him. “If Kumasi producers need quality content and they are serious with the movie business, they will not sideline me. I will not say they are illiterates but they are playing politics with the business,” he said.

On the producers playing politics with the movie business, Beautiful explained that, the producers claim Kumasi is a haven for NPP; therefore if any actor is on the side of NDC, he or she would be sidelined because that person is perceived as an opponent.

He also asserted that the producers are now using gospel musician, Great Ampong to shoot Kumasi films, because they believe he’s affiliated to NPP and might attract the NPP supporters or market.

Finally, Mr. Beautiful threw a salvo at the producers by claiming that they are immature. “Their actions show their level of maturity and those who are doing that are not mature because if they are, they will not act the way they are acting,” he snarled.


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