Ghana Goes Hard On Nigerian Actors

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Information gathered is that, there have been several meetings held in Kumasi among the Film Producers Association of Ghana FIPAG; about ways and means to implement certain mechanisms to discourage the Kumawood film producers, from bringing the Nollywood film stars to Ghana to reap where they did not plough. 
Addressing the issue, the PRO of FIPAG explained that there hasn’t been any meeting specifically to discuss the Nollywood actors coming to Ghana, rather, the Executives of the association met on a different agenda in Tamale; where they finalized on increasing the       $ 500 charges they imposed on the Nollywood actors to $1500, for coming to shoot movies in Ghana.

Mr. Ola gave details that; apart from the $1, 500, the Ghana Actors Guild will also be taking an undisclosed amount. When asked if the $1,500 is a proposed amount to discourage the various producers from bringing Nollywood actors to Ghana, he said that is not really the case, rather, the $500 came up somewhere in 2008 and after 6 years; they think it’s prudent to increase the price.

Talking about the Nollywood actors coming to Ghana to shoot movies, he said that although there are few advantages in that, the negative side of it dominates. “We think the negative side of bringing the Nollywood stars outweighs the positive side, so we don’t want to lose at the end of the day,” he stated.

He lamented that, the high price tags on the Nollywood movie stars might encourage the local actors to also increase their fees, so they are making quick attempts to educate any producer who wants to bring any Nollywood actor to Ghana, to consider all these factors.

In an interview with Kumawood actor, Akwesi Boadi aka Akrobeto, he said that they have learn a lot from the Nollywood actors who are come to Kumawood to shoot. He queried critics who have problems with Nollywood actors coming to Kumasi to shoot.

“I just don’t know why people are complaining about the Nollywood actors coming to Kumasi to shoot, because, I see nothing wrong with that, rather, there are lots of benefits in it. We have to encourage, instead of debating on issues that will discourage them,” he complained.

To him, the collaboration is a great marketing strategy the producers are using to sell the movies, which will help the movie to get lots of attention. About the amount given to them which is bringing about the debate, he said that so far as the Nigerians are coming from Nigeria, we shouldn’t expect our amount to be the same as theirs, since our English actors who also film in Nigeria also take similar or more money.

He explained that, the Nigerian actors are not lobbying for jobs in Ghana, but rather, it’s the Kumawood producers who are going in for them; because of the marketing aspect of it. He lamented that, it’s only two Nollywood actors who have come to Ghana in recent times so he doesn’t understand why Kumawood filmmakers have to get worried over the issue.

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