Fans Question John Dumelo’s Age

Celebrated Ghanaian actor John Dumelo turned 30 on Monday, February 3 and along with the well-wishing came a barrage of messages from fans that seemed to lampoon the actor’s looks and his age.

Fans on various entertainment portals and social media satirized the actor’s looks with some stating he looks like 40-45 years old and not his acclaimed age of 30. Below, afrovibez compiled some of the humorous birthday messages from fans:

30 yrs??? U Gus must be kidding! The guy looks at least 40. From: Mimi

What nonsense, is Dumelo telling us, 30 years? These things were happening in Legon, where students were reducing their ages .Apuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 30years. From: Serwaa

Tweaaaaa 30 yrs, why is it ur acting age or what? From: Joojo

So John is 30 years, and I will be 30 in July. John looks like my father age, looks too old for his age. From: May

How can John be 30 years? He is about 45 or looks like that! HB and marry quickly. From; Adjoa

Oh Africans, how can john be 30years old? He is older than 30. Please stop deceiving us. From: Jeremiah

The accomplished actor was officially born on the 3rd February 1984. He is flourishing in the acting industry and has a myriad of growing businesses under his watch

John Dumelo

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