David Dontoh Resigns


Legendary actor who used to hold the position as Chairman/ Head of the Ghana Movie Awards has taken a swipe at the organizers of the Ghana Movie Awards for relegating him to the background during the awards ceremony last year and has therefore resigned from that position until further notice.

Mr. Dontoh was noticeably absent in major activities of the awards from the categorization stages to the main event, a situation that was direct opposite of what transpired in the previous editions where he took center-stage in the organization of the awards.

In a chat with Razz, he revealed that the awards scheme is an insult, and that he has decided to stay away from it till he gets some sound explanations by the organizers on the organization of the awards.

He explained that he was not informed about the 2013 GMA before its launch so he was not involved. He actually read about the launch in the newspapers.

“If I am the President of the Ghana Movie Awards and I had no idea about the award’s launch, no idea about the movie screening and if any media house questions me on any platform, what answers do you expect me to give?” he quipped.

“It doesn’t speak well of me, doesn’t speak well of the awards and I find it highly disrespectful,” Mr. Dontoh continued. According to him, Fred Nuamah and his team stabbed him in the back, therefore, he has decided to stay away from the awards scheme, and that he’s no longer going to be the President of the awards.

As to whether he has approached the Founder of the awards, Fred Nuamah on the issue: he said that he called the Founder but the explanations given didn’t make sense. “I once heard him (Fred Nuamah) talking on Peace 104.3FM and giving some baseless reasons on why I was visibly absent from the Launch.”

“I contacted him later but I think all indications showed that he doesn’t want me to be part of it. When someone doesn’t want you, or when someone doesn’t like you, you will know and see it,” he asserted.

When we asked him if he might have had any depraved encounter with the organizers in recent times, he said he doesn’t have any problem with Fred Nuamah, and that since they started working together, they have been in good working terms.

When the paper contacted Fred Nuamah, he simply retorted, “If that’s what David Dontoh is saying then, I hear, let me ask him and get back to you.”
Source: Razz Newspaper

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