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Big Break For Van Vicker In Hollywood



Celebrated actor, Van Vicker, after many years in the movie industry has finally gotten the opportunity to star in his first Hollywood movie titled ‘Skinned’ with Hollywood actress /director, Lisa Raye McCoy.

Van Vicker, who’s currently in America, said that he has been very active shooting in different countries that’s why he has not been too stable in Ghana. “I have been very active shooting in different countries and also attending different programs. That’s why I have not been too stable in Ghana, but now I am in America shooting a Hollywood film for the first time,” he said excitingly.

Sharing his first time Hollywood shooting experience, he said: “The experience is not very different from other shoots, but I must say, Raye and Avery Williams (director and co-director) changed my whole perspective as an actor and a director.”

“They were so professional it’s almost a crime but yet so warm and friendly. We had fun and we nailed it,” Van stated amidst laughter.

Comparing the Ghanaian film industry to Hollywood, he said that the major difference in shooting in Hollywood and shooting in West African is that, with Hollywood filming, there is a state of professionalism and everyone on the set knows their jurisdiction and takes full responsibility.

As to if Ghollywood film industry will ever get to the standard of Hollywood, he said that the Ghanaian film industry is not ignorant but rather, he’s glad that a number of actors and producers are getting exposed to international shoots and they can bring to bear, experiences which may help boost the Ghanaian film industry which is going to let them know better and also do better.

Mr. Vicker said that the standards of movie-making in Ghana have not fallen because the rate, rather, he thinks it has to do with the purchasing power.

“It seems the masses purchase more of the local films in Ghana, than the English ones, but outside Ghana, the English films are doing well. It is a matter of time and hard work,” he professed.

Lisa Raye McCoy is best known for portraying Diana ‘Diamond’ Armstrong in the film The Players Club, Neesee James on the CW sitcom ‘All of Us’ from 2003 until 2007 and Keisha Greene in the VH1 romantic comedy series ‘Single Ladies’ which originally aired from 2011-2014.

Mustapha Inusah

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