Where Do You Belong: Instagram Or Movie Posters?

These are acclaimed Ghanaian actresses who got their respective breaks on the screen but in recent times, they have been spending most of the time on the social network platform, Instagram instead of the movie posters – where they really ought to be as movie actors/actresses. In recent times, most of them are seen posting photos daily on their Instagram accounts while they go missing in movies. The lucky ones are shooting their own movies to survive but just like the others, they virtually live on Instagram. presents the top five actresses who have now changed movie posters into Instagram posters:

1. Nadia Buari

nadia afro

8- 10 years ago, she used to average 8 high-budget movies, 3 low-budget movies a year. Today, there’s no average, compelling her to produce and star in her own movie, ‘Imogen Brown’. She finds solace on instagram.

2. Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne-Nelson afro

5-8 years ago, she averaged 7 high-budget movies, 0 low-budget movies but in the last 3 years, she can’t afford to wait on producers. She churns out her own productions but seen more on instagram though.

3. Martha Ankomah

Martha-Ankomah afro

5 years ago, she averaged 7 low-budget movies and 4 high-budget movies. Today, she is virtually missing on the movie scene, whether low or high. Ironically, she resides on instagram more.

4. Jackie Appiah

Jackie Appiah afro
5-8years ago, she averaged 10 high-budget movies, 2 low-budget movies but in the last couple of years, she stars in 2 or 3 movies per year; however she stars more on instagram. She got to stay relevant regardless.

5. Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet afro

5 years ago, she averaged 5 low-budget movies and 2 high-budget movies. Today, she wants to try a bit of everything; producing, acting and singing. Unfortunately, we still can’t figure out where she excels most


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