Beef: Lil’ Win & Kwaku Manu At It

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It is a normal phenomenon to have relationship strains between actors, actresses and between actors and directors in any movie industry; therefore, it is not surprising to hear that popular actors do not see ‘eye to eye’ in Kumawod.
Kwaku Manu, after his return from a tour abroad; has disclosed that all is definitely not well with him and his relationship with colleague actor, Lil Win.
In a chat with, he revealed that Lil Win is showing some unpleasant attitudes which make him (Manu) very distressed. He stated that for some time now, Lil Win has decided not to star in any movie that he, Kwaku Manu is also starring and that’s the reason why fans don’t see him and Lil’ Win in the same movie. He complained that, he doesn’t know whoever is advising Lil Win, but when he realized Lil’ Win had taken certain decisions concerning him, he had made efforts speaking to Lil’ Win regarding the unwholesome decisions he has taken  but unfortunately, the situation has not changed.
“I see him as my junior brother and everyone who knows the success of Lil’ Win will tell you I have played a major role in his career. I used to drive him to various movie sets when he started acting, and motivated him by starring in movies with him. Watch most of the early day movies that featured Lil’ Win and I and you will realize we did it together,” Kwaku said.
According to Kwaku Manu, he doesn’t have any problem with any individual in the entertainment industry, rather, others seem to have problems with him; but because he believes in God, he is not worried.
“I don’t have problems with Lil’ Win. When I got to Belgium recently, his issues came up in the house that I was staying and when he was contacted via phone by the owner of the house, I spoke to him,” Kwaku Manu revealed. He expressed worry that there may be people corrupting Lil Win’s mindset; telling him that he (Kwaku Manu) is using juju on Lil’ Win and he believes strongly that the juju story may be one of the reasons why Lil’ Win doesn’t want to star in a movie with him.
“Why is it that, the people advising Lil Win against me now did not advise him some years ago when I started acting with him, when I was motivating and pushing him up?” he stressed.
Kwaku Manu rejected the allegation of him using juju and claimed that, one day, those people using juju in the industry will be exposed.
On his relationship with Agya Koo, he said that he has a very good relationship with Agya Koo now and that; he has even shot a couple of movies with him which are being released.
On the reasons why he’s not been featured in most movies released thus far in 2014, he said that he’s being sabotaged by some Kumasi filmmakers. “In life, when people realize you are moving forward, they decide to sabotage you. I have heard a lot from some Kumasi film producers and why they are not using me for movies,” he lamented.
“Some of them say that I have grown wings and also acquired wealth; because of that, they will not use me again. God being so good, I have opened my own school and my own production house, so life goes on,” Kwaku concluded. tried contacting Lil’ Win several times but to no avail but in a separate chat with his  manager, Razak , he said that , the issue came up somewhere last year , but they didn’t respond to it because the is no truth in it.
“We first heard the issue somewhere last year when we were in Accra for various programmes, but we decided to remain silent because there is no truth in Kwaku Manu’s allegations,” he said.
He explained that, he’s aware that both of them have been booked for some upcoming movies, so Kwaku Manu’s assertion that Lil’ Win is refusing to act with him is baseless.
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