The story of the sexy twins who slept with the super rich Nigerian men, blackmailed and extorted them UNTIL, they were EXPOSED by the 3rd Richest Man in Nigeria!



In the last few days, the world has been awash with news of two Canadian sisters that were arrested and charged to a court in Lagos for blackmail and extortion.

Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo allegedly tried to fleece no one other than the third richest man in Nigeria: oil tycoon Femi reports!

The Matharoo sisters, who became popular on social media for their Kardashian-esque lifestyle, seemingly had it all – great bodies, Canadian citizenship, a life of leisure on private jets and boats and resorts that many of us can only dream of. Their lives (and their unrepressed sex lives) seemed to mirror that of the famous television sisters they’re compared to.

However, unlike the Kardashians, their own sex tapes were designed to blackmail the men involved in their lives. For high-maintenance ladies such as Jyoti and Kiran, regular Nigerian men would not have been able to satisfy their appetite for the high life – only the rich and powerful could have their bodies sleeping in their beds (Apologies to Wizkid.)

The twins in court
The twins in court

Court filings indicate that the sisters had several video recordings of them having sex with various Nigerian politicians, celebrities and businessmen, and had an audacious model of releasing those things to the public if they were not financially rewarded for having them.



The two are also said to be behind the gossip site NaijaGistLive, where salacious stories of Nigeria’s high and mighty are shared for a very eager audience, and they have extorted 274 different individuals to the tune of several millions of dollars.

Their waterloo came through 54-year-old Otedola, who they had claimed they had proof of his extra-marital indiscretions. The oil magnate then employed the services of a private investigator and discovered the Matharoo’s sinister modus operandi, after which they were picked up in a luxurious suite at Eko Hotels.

Both women have been charged to court for blackmail and extortion. They have since been released on bail, but cannot depart from Nigeria as their next court appearance is on January 26, 2017.

About the Twins


They are the new fetish of the filthy-rich; the twin-menace that kindles their fire but extinguishes their virtue. That is why many a billionaire’s wife lives afraid of Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo. For the wives of Nigeria’s superrich, the fear of  Jyoti and Kiran  Matharoo is the beginning of wisdom. The elder sister is Jyoti and Kiran is the younger one.


According to, the sisters have Indian blood but they are from Canada; they are very stylish and daring. They are always willing to explore boundaries and the extreme with their male friends as long as the latter are willing to pay their bills. Your money determines the degree of pleasure you get from them.

They fly on private jets and first class in commercial flights. They enjoy the latest luxury perks at their beck and call and they fly to any part of the world, Monaco, London, Paris, inclusive to pleasure the loins and vanities of their super rich ‘clients’.



In Nigeria, they stay at the Wheatbaker Hotel in Ikoyi but they are currently lodged at the Eko Signature. Practically all the rich guys in Nigeria have spent time with them. Little wonder their names strike fear into the hearts of many rich, married women in Nigeria.




Just mention their names anywhere and you will see both married and unmarried women craning their necks and clutching at their men apprehensively. Notwithstanding their established notoriety, Nigerian men are willing to pay any amount to have these ladies as friends.



Many have been known to visit their Instagram pages to glance at their half naked pictures and all. Unknowingly, they have destroyed so many homes.  Watch out for the list of men who have fallen victim. Ask  Sayyu Dantata, Aliko Dangote’s younger brother, he would confirm this.

 About the Man Who Stopped Them


He was born in 1962 in the capital of Oyo. His family was well-known in Nigeria, as his father was Governor of Lagos State in 1992-93 – states!

In 2003, Otedola founded Zenon Petroleum and Gas Ltd. The company dealt with marketing of petroleum products and distribution. Because of his great investment activity, Zenon managed to take the biggest share of Nigerian diesel market under control by 2005. Then, in 2007, they got an approval from banks to get a loan for building the largest premium motor spirit storage facility in Africa.


Later that year Zenon acquired almost 29% stake in African Petroleum, which is one of the largest fuel marketers in Nigeria. After some time, Otedola became a chairman of Africa Petroleum. He has become extremely rich and in 2009, was listed in Forbes. In 2010, the name of African Petroleum was changed to Forte Oil Plc. In 2015, they sold 17 % of equity to Swiss commodity trader, giving the company access to the global commodity markets.

With wife, Nana Otedola
With wife, Nana Otedola

Otedola has a wife, called Nana Otedola. They also have three wonderful daughters and a son. One of his daughters, Florence Otedola, is also known as DJ Cuppy. She has become an international music producer and DJ. Moreover, she is also a tourist ambassador for Nigeria. The other girl, Temi, is a designer and style blogger.

With daughter, DJ Cuppy
With daughter, DJ Cuppy

Thus, there is nothing to surprise that he owns lots of mansions and other properties, including Femi Otedola house in Ikoyi, which is worth about N1.2 billion, and the yacht. According to the reports, it is quite massive and equipped with the best of facilities and a three-bed apartment.


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