Feng Xiaogang to remake “A World Without Thieves” with UK producer

Renowned Chinese movie director Feng Xiaogang said Friday that he would cooperate with British film producer Duncan Kenworthy to remake the former’s comedy drama “A World Without Thieves”.

Feng made the announcment when appearing at the British Film Institute (BFI) Southbank to attend a series of activities held for him, including a red carpet ceremony, film screening and a conversation.

“We have finished a draft script and going to carry out in-depth discussion about it,” Feng said, referring to the remake of “A World Without Thieves”.
“It’s not just remaking the Chinese version into an English version, but creating something new during the process, which is full of passion,” he said, adding he fully trust Duncan as they often agree on their judgments about films.
The week-long film screening at BFI will showcase selected works of Feng, including Aftershock, Assembly, Back to 1942 and If You Are the One.
The activities at BFI dedicated to Feng are part of the Electric Shadows, a yearlong event film trade and culture exchange event between China and Britain that was launched after British Prime Minister David Cameron’s visit to China last year.
During the event, a number of Chinese films would be screened in Britain in the coming months.
Source: xinhua

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