DRUGS, POISON,MURDER? Davido In Trouble Over Death Of 3 Friends – Faces Prison If…

In the past week, three of his associates Tagbo, DJ Olu and Chime all died in similar mysterious circumstances. While the family of Chime has pretty much removed the noose from Davido’s neck as they say they do not believe it had anything to do with him; police investigations are trailing back to Davido for being complicit in Tagbo’s demise – provides an exclusive report!

According to reports and videos being distributed on social media, Davido was seen partying with Tagbo on the night of his death. Some reports cited that Tagbo’s death was as a result of excessive intake of tequila but new reports making the rounds are saying that the deceased died of ‘asphyxia’.

Asphyxia is a set of conditions where there is an inadequate delivery and intake of oxygen. Hanging, strangulation, drowning and could set of asphyxia.

Davido has been reportedly called in by the police for further questioning and a look at Nigeria’s criminal code reveals that a manslaughter conviction could send an accused person to jail for life.

Tagbo and Davido

Even though Davido is refuting all of these reports, the reality still remains that the singer is wrapping up 2017 on a sad note. Scandals of this nature have the potential of marring a person’s career if not properly managed.

Revered rapper Jay Z would have lost the opportunity to become a legend for stabbing record producer Lance ‘Un’ Rivera in December 1999.

A smarter move may be hiring a good publicist to counter the bad press instead of sending out responses to these claims through Snapchat and Instagram as well as legal counsel to guide him through this period.

The end of this case remains to be seen but Davido’s hard work in 2017 is in danger of being moot if all fans can remember of this successful year of his are these controversies.

The controversial Davido and Tagbo matter is not going away anytime soon, as the pop star has reportedly been reinvented by the police to clear the air on his involvement.

Police Invitation

According to Lagos State police commissioner, Imohimi Edgal, autopsy reports revealed that Tagbo died from suffocation, not from alcohol consumption as widely reported.

Edgal also made it known that Davido had lied about knowing of Tagbo’s passing when he was at DNA Night Club, Victoria Island. The police have good reason to believe that the singer’s account is not the correct one.

Tagbo’s death occurred  three days after DJ Olu and Chime, associates of Davido, were also found dead in Olu’s BMW outside Block B, Banana Island.

Reacting on Snapchat, Davido denied all the reports, calling them all lies.


Just about a week after their mysterious deaths, the pair of Davido’s friends Olugbemiga ‘DJ Olu’ Abiodun and Chime Amaechi are set to be buried on Thursday and Saturday respectively.

A wake was done for DJ Olu on Wednesday 11th October close to his home in Banana Island and he will be interred later today Thursday 12th.

Chime Amaechi would be taken to his hometown Ifitedunu in Anambra State.

n an exclusive conversation with NET earlier in the week, Chime Amaechi‘s family dismissed allegations that the deaths could have been caused by a drug overdose. ‘My late son was not a drug user. Like me he didn’t even drink and when he did, it was always in very small quantities. He was a level-head, nice human being.Even when he left school and started business, he would always let me know his next line of action, so I am surprised that these lies are being spread about him’, his father said.

He went on to insist that he was skeptical about autopsy being conducted.

Drugs Found By Police

As the controversy surrounding the mysterious wave of deaths that have seen three of Davido‘s associates die in one week continues, two of the incidents suspected to be drug related- going by revelations by the Lagos State Police Commissioner Edgar Imohimi.

The Commissioner is reported by Punch to have confirmed the deaths and revealing that substances suspected to be narcotics were found in the car where DJ Olu and Chime Amaechi’s corpses were found.

‘They were found dead in the garage. Some substances suspected to be drugs were found in the vehicle. But in any case, autopsies would be carried out to know the cause of death. There were no marks of violence on their bodies. Let the autopsies explain the cause of death. The substances will also be analysed. We need expert opinion and it is being done,’ he said.

Both 25 years old, Abiodun and Amaechi were close friends to Davido and all had been partying with Tagbo Umeike in the early hours of Monday before the latter passed away, allegedly in Davido’s car. An autopsy is being carried out on all three, to determine what actually is responsible for their eerily similar deaths.



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