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WHITNEY WRITES… There’s No Excuse To Having Bad Sex In Marriage!

I was listening to a show on radio recently and a listener had sent a letter complaining how two years into her marriage, she and hubby never seem to make love again, and people were telling her it is a normal phenomenon. I know the host of the show, so I sent her a text asking – two years?

This is my take on the situation;

We have become a quick -fix generation, busy with everything but personal time and quality bonding with your spouse is relegated to ‘as and when’ schedule. I am sure my Editor is reading this with wide eyes. Yes, today I ventured to write about his favourite topic – love making.

Love making, I believe is a whole ministry on its own that our counsellors and pastors shy away from because of what is referred to as upbringing, norms and societal values. In Ghana, you are looked at differently if you can comfortably express your opinions, about sex especially if you are a woman!

Well, you can look at me whichever way you like; I am opinionated, bold, and confident and have experience as a married woman and I will share my opinion without looking over my shoulders.

Here we go;

The point is; if you are married and you are having mediocre sex, then I am sorry, you have both your self and your spouse to blame. Simple as that!

Love making in marriage is the deepest, raw form of bonding, literally, and liberally. What is more connecting than being inside of the centre of the one you love, all wet, all high on feelings, all exploding in powerful orgasms?

Marriage is hard work but love making on a regular takes work. It is understandable that, taking care of the kids, home and having to manage with work, could be daunting and energy-sapping but you need to make time for this – lovemaking.

What ever you do, do not let go of the power of your sexuality as a spouse, make time for you two, both man and woman, I am her blabbing about a quickie, no, I am referring to deep soothing bath, good dab of whatever turns your spouse on, and start with – slow exploration of each other. Your bodies are there for exploring, play with each other’s body, do what makes your partner hard/wet, tickle their fancy, go all out, sit on top slowly, bump and grind to your favourite jam while at it, (ladies, you have no idea what power you control sitting atop your spouse). Do it tenderly, kiss hard, thrust deep, and pause in between. You are Commander-In-Chief!

Dear man, suck her nipples slowly, do not knead it like your favourite butter bread. A woman’s boobs, ears, neck, when tended to properly can open the doors of the sweetest juiciest, wet arena ever!

Dear sister, learn the power you have with your hip and mouth, the bad girl you keep insulting can gyrate like she is doing gymnastic, so, you be there and be nagging. When you get married, your life just began, it is easy to use the kids, work and home as excuses but trust me when I tell you, when you both can enjoy each other without limits, you make each other happy!

Today, you should have mad love making session! Enjoy

By Whitney Boakye Mensah

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