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I had an interesting chat with a young journalist on Saturday after the ‘Glitz Women of the Year Honours’, #ghwotyh17.

I was introduced to her and before my name was mentioned, she said she knew who I am. I had also watched her recently do an interview that I felt had no substance. We got talking and I advised her to start making an impact starting from the Glitz vent.

The @glitzafrica family are dear people and of all the events we work on, ‘Women of Honours humbles me every time. It has so much worth, so much substance, with a room full of women, where aside the honourees, you can get other ‘honourees’ in the audience over and over again.

It is sad where we are headed as women and men.

We need to tell each other the truth; there is honour in hard work and nothing beats making your own money.
Let us give more of our young ladies/guys role models worth their salt, not social media celebrities with no substance who cannot truthfully tell you how they make money from all they flaunt.

Our bloggers and journalists need to do better. All our young ladies/guys keep seeing is half clad men and women daily – twerking and doing nothing.

Celebrate the real MVP’s, celebrate the ‘badass’ bosses running both home, career and life, not perfectly but progressively.

Let these girls and guys know there is worth in dignity, they do not have to sleep around for hand-outs when they can work for their own. Let them know, that success is not sexually transmitted, and an old pimp wishes he/she can change the narrative. There are so many heroes out there. Let them know about them, enough of the empty social media celebrities!

I am Whitney Boakye-Mensah, I hustle in 6inch heels and I am not afraid of hard work!

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