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The Ghanaian Media Missing The Plot For ‘Red Carpet’

The Essence of Red Carpet:

Since the frenzy of red carpet fashion engulfed our major events, celebrities who dazzle on such occasions have always been ‘stealing’ the spotlight at the expense of the hardworking people who are drenched under lots of pressure as they invest resources and labour just to make these ‘celebs’ look stunning – the fashion designers!

The red carpet fashion moments are supposed to be a promotional tool and a money-making venture for the fashion industry; however, in Ghana, the celebrity with enormous help from the media gets to control the spotlight during and after red carpet events – relegating the fashion designers to the background.


The Fashion Designers’ Moment:

In a creative sector where fashion is floundering to get a grip on some mainstream relevance, red carpet events are anticipated to be the leeway in catapulting the designers and their respective fashion houses to the limelight.

Fashion designers expend time, resources and sleepless nights to weave together all those body-hugging, floor-sprawling and sometimes, outlandish dresses for the celebrities just for exposure.


All they (the designers) crave for, is the mention and the promotion they will get on the red carpet, in the newspapers, magazines and online portal reviews – which translate into revenue considering the fact that, other stars and other folks are likely to place orders for similar dresses.

Blatant Neglect:

Unfortunately, the media has over the years, failed to give proper recognition to fashion designers who are a pivotal fit in the creative sector, especially to the movie industry.

The red carpet hosts for most events fail to stress on the names of the designers when they ask the famous Joan Rivers-coined question, “Who are you wearing?”

The journalists, bloggers and photo journalists also fail to write the names of the designers whenever they write reviews in their newspapers, magazines, websites and blogs. They are always fixated with splattering pictures of these ‘celebs’ on their newspaper/magazine covers and on their portals.

What’s Misssing?

Publicity is essential for a dress and its designer, especially when the dress, not the celebrity, attracts media attention.


One can envisage the number of Google searches, the number of orders that could be placed for similar dresses if the names, the very simple names of these designers are written and mentioned repeatedly during and at the aftermath of red carpet moments.

Fashion commentary on TV programmes often plays a key role in the reportage of red carpet events but since the fold up of Sandra Ankobiah’s ‘Fashion 101’, there’s not been dedicated TV programmes for the review of red carpet sessions.

Way Forward:

The celebrities must understand that the spotlight for red carpet moments are meant to be shared with the fashion designers, who toil and loan or give these expensive apparel to these ‘celebs’ for free or for heavily discounted prices.

The least they can do is to boldly and proudly mention the names of the persons behind the designs.

Journalists, bloggers and photo journalists must act professionally by researching to find the names of these designers in order to give them the well-deserved recognition whenever the post or publish photos of these celebrities on the red carpet.

TV programmes dedicated to the review of red carpet events will help project fashion designers to the pedestal.

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