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MY SISTER, DON’T BE LAZY! Here Are Places Of A Man’s Body Ladies Should Touch During Sex

Men like to be goaded on when they have sex. This goading could come in form of words like “yes”, “go on”, “I’m enjoying it” “you’re killing me” and so on…But, because s*x is about touch, more than it is about sounds, men also liked to be touched as they put their muscles to duty in the bedroom.

Unfortunately, there are lots of lazy women who prefer to lie down and let the men do all the s*x work, willing only to change positions when the man bids them too.What such women do not realize is that touching a man’s body during s*x is one way to keep him fueled and ready to blast them to Orgasm Mountain.

If you’re ready to contribute your quota in bed, then you should look out for these spots and give them some loving when next you get into bed with your man.

  1. His earlobes

Nibble, lick his earlobes, softly breathe warm air into the ear drum and kiss them intermittently. You can also moan into them while you have s*x.

  1. His neck

You can trigger his neck’s erogenous zones with softly placed kisses, running your tongue lightly over it while rubbing against him with your body… target the Adam’s Apple

  1. His penis

You must always remember to give his penis some loving before and after s*x. Sucking, licking, massaging etc. are welcome

  1. His scrotum and balls

You must remember that the balls and scrotum too are very sensitive. Do not touch the penis alone.

  1. His feet

A lot of men are ticklish at this place and you can throw in some fun by touching them there….if he took a shower and his nails are clean, you can suck his toes too.

  1. His nipples

Men also have very sensitive nipples that will respond to stroking with fingers or teasing/sucking with tongue and teeth. If he has large breasts, knead them gently.

  1. His navel

Many women do not know that men also get stimulated when the navel is touched. You can lick it and turn him on even more

  1. His buttock

Grab your man’s buttocks the way he grabs yours, squeeze it, pinch it (a little), smack it if you can as he rides you…it’s all part of s*x

When you get active and participate well when you and your man are in bed, you’ll rekindle the fire inside him and s*x will be more exciting and frequent for you two.

Source: rubiztech

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