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Is he/she a sex addict? Here’s how to know

Sex addiction has been discussed many times on various platforms but people still find it difficult knowing what to look out for in a sex addict.

People sometimes think having lots of sex (depends on how they define lots) means one is a sex addict. Those who cheat also think they do so just because they can’t keep their libidos in check.

Others also engage in strange behaviors such as fetish, same-sex activities, bondage sex among others. Since these behaviors do not wash well with our religious, societal and moral system, such people wonder if they are sexually addicted.


This post is to help eliminate the confusion stated above and not to define what sexual addiction is. It might interest you to know that sexual addiction has nothing to do with what or who gets your juices boiling for sex. So being a gay, lesbian or bi-sexual doesn’t make you a sex addict.

Below are a few traits to look out for in a sex addict.

  1. Exploitation of others for sex

He or she can be the best partner you ever had. He loves kids, listens to you when you tell your problems to him but doesn’t care about you or anyone when it comes to sex. He sees you as an object of sexual satisfaction or a toy to play with. He doesn’t care what happens to you after he’s done and will do anything including blackmail in order to get what he wants.


  1. They are always pre-occupied with sex

Sex addicts cannot concentrate on anything for more than 10 minutes without fantasizing about banging someone. Those who don’t fantasize also sit and plan on how to get laid. When they are not doing any of the above then they are having sex. Majority of their decisions are influenced by sex such as their costume, the gym they go to and where they hangout.


  1. They masturbate all the time

When I say all the time, I mean all the time. They take masturbation in the morning as breakfast, in the afternoon during lunch break and right before they retire to bed. Some also masturbate right after sex. If you are jerking off 20-30 times a week, then you’re an addict.


  1. They engage in sex regardless the consequences.

Sex addiction makes people do the craziest thing for sexual satisfaction. Some can have unprotected sex with a stranger without paying attention to the potential contraction of STDs. As if not enough, so have sex with their co-worker on the boss’s desk. Others could bang their sister in-law in the kitchen when their wife is in the bedroom.

They are aware these actions could mess up their future and relationships but will still engage in them because they are addicted and out of control.

If you think your partner or someone you know is showing some of these signs, talk to them. If you are also in the same situation, talk to someone you trust or seek professional help. Help is very close to you than you think so you or your partner has no excuse to keep acting this way.

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