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GUYS, BEWARE! This is Why She Fakes Orgasm

Some women are notorious for faking an orgasm. While the actual act of the fake may be a simple one – some moaning, a few rapid movements – the reasons behind it are very complicated. Men often feel disappointed if they are unable to make their partner climax, but her difficulty reaching orgasm may have nothing to do with a bedroom performance at all.


Still, it’s tough to get around the fact that countless women have faked it to make a man feel confident because she knows how devastated he may be if the truth was revealed. She may even enjoy the sex, it’s just a sensation that can’t get her to the finish line – at least not this time.


Perfectionists can often have a harder time orgasming, too, because they are “afraid to lose control,” according to In many cases, sexual health is intimately linked with mental health – more so for men than women – and women who spend hours perfecting their hair in the mirror and arranging every last hour of the day may be too anxious to let themselves fall into the moment.

“A lot of women don’t want to be seen as out of control because they think they’ll look ugly or weak or vulnerable,” Dr. Ava Cadell, a sex therapist, explained to the website.


Other women can be afraid that they will catch common STDs and the stress may completely overtake them. In this case, partners may want to consider using a condom before having intercourse if they aren’t already doing so. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend condoms as effective ways to reduce the risk of STDs and pregnancy.


In other cases, females may simply not know themselves well enough to climax. In this case, the situation may be improved – it will just take a lot of patience and a lot of communication.

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