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The Chronicles of a Lonely Man – THE WOMEN OF MY LIFE.

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What shall I write about? My life? My family? Auto biography? Women? Friends? School?POLITICS? ENTERTAINMENT? RELATIONSHIP GH CUSTOMISED? HUSBANDHOOD? FATHERHOOD? My career? Folks, I have settled on a topic that would run for many months : I will write my memoirs – The Chronicles of a Lonely Man – THE WOMEN OF MY LIFE. I shall be discussing details of my close shave with all the women I ever met, dated, and married in my life. I will be chronicling my life story as far as my memory can recall.

This would also be a school for other young men who are up, growing and coming.The deciet, innocent joy, troubles, clashes, challenges  and lessons that have shaped my teen -to-adult life as a man. My love and relationship permutations and how they have affected my thinking and behaviour. What will I change if the clock of time was turned backwards.

All names are fictitious. Real names have been consealed to avoid embarrassment and betrayal. If you see any resemblance of you character in any of my write ups, I dare say its not you. Am discussing my opinions and issues of relationships that has affected my person.

If you see yourself running in any of the story, am not here to degrade you; may be am telling the real story now. Be not be dismayed, If I do not tell it now, it may be a secret. Perhaps, you should see now how I felt about you then.

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At the end of his life the wise king Soloman is said to have remarked that ” all is vanity”. “Man born of a woman is of few days full of trouble”. I have always maintained that if any Man can deal with SEX, MONEY, ANGER & POWER, then you probably dont have to belong to any religion for these are the Religion of all MEN of which kind I am. I hope you enjoy reading this first episode.

In the coming weeks, I shall be serializing my life with with the women of my life from my young manhood to date.  Stay tuned.

By : Prince K. ANNOH-DJAN/

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