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Baby Dumped in Ashiaman Toilet

Residents of Roman Down at the Obakatse Electoral Area in Ashaiman woke up last Thursday only to be greeted with the sight of a newly born baby dropped in the area’s public toilet.

Instead of hiring the services of cesspit tankers to draw the human excreta from the pit, the services of some persons have rather been sought by the managers of the public toilet, who regularly fetch the faeces from the pit every morning before it is opened to the public for use.

According to William Tenu, a barber in the area, who used the toilet at about 7am that day, while walking out of the loo, he spotted a young man who usually went to fetch the faecal matter from the pit into a bucket for disposal.

Turning towards the worker and to walk past him, William said the man fetching the toilet asked him to help identify something he had sighted in the pit.

“Getting closer to observe what it was, I realised that this was a baby that had been dropped into the pit and making some movement to show that it was alive,” William told The Finder.

He said he informed the faecal collector that it was a baby which was still alive “and so quickly I called my elder brother on phone who rushed to the place to help us remove the baby from the pit.”

Not too long after they had removed the baby from the pit and put it on the floor, the baby, which had faeces all over it, died.

Some men in the area picked the dead baby and buried it close by the public toilet.

Elderly women who rushed to the scene cursed whoever could have been responsible for the ‘wickedness’ caused to the innocent baby.

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