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7 Things Men Like in Women More Than Good Looks

While great relationships start with mutual attraction, in the long run the relationship is destined to fail if the couple lack compatibility. Curious to know what men truly look for when they want to enter a committed relationship? Here is a list of traits that are far more important than beauty.

1. A Sense of Adventure
Men absolutely adore women who live life to the fullest. This includes a willingness to try new things and even take risks. Whether it’s going hiking a mountain or skydiving, an adventurous woman sure beats a girlfriend who just sits around on the sofa knitting sweaters, no matter how attractive she might be.

2. A Compromiser
Having disagreements is a perfectly normal part of a relationship. However, stubbornness and a “my way or the highway” only leads to misery. This is why men appreciate women who are able to negotiate and find a solution that satisfies both partners. This could be true for hobbies (i.e, the guy takes his girl to a football game in exchange for her taking him to a musical) but will especially come in handy when it comes to important matters such as raising children together.

3. Confidence
A good boyfriend strives to make his Significant Other feel special, but there is nothing sexier than a woman who understands her own worth. Men might like a girl with a pretty face and nice figure, but if she is in need of constant reassurances that they are attractive or cannot accept a compliment, it will eventually wear a guy down and he will move on to a woman who is happy with who she is.

4. A Complete Level of Trust
When it comes to relationships, neither partner can keep the other under 24-hour surveillance, nor should they. Constantly calling a guy to find out where he is or dictating which friends he can and can’t see will only create tension and foster distrust. Ultimately, feeling jealous and paranoid will never result in happiness. This is why men love dating women who can trust that they will be faithful.

5. A Sense of Humor

A woman might be drop-dead gorgeous, but she will never win a place in a man’s heart unless she has the ability to make him laugh. A great sense of humor is the perfect way to alleviate stress and allows the couple to bond. A witty joke or an occasional sneaky, light-hearted prank will score a woman big time points with her man.

6. A Willingness to Accept His Flaws
One of the keys to a healthy relationship is understanding that your partner is not perfect. This is why men want women who are not overly critical and who don’t seek to change them. If a woman can love him for his goofy fashion sense or his eccentric personality, they are on their way to relationship success.

7. Comfortable Making Decisions
There is nothing more frustrating than when a girlfriend is unable to make a decision about anything. This could be as minor as not being able to decide which restaurant to go to or as major as never wanting to make any decisions at all. This can especially lead to problems when the woman is never content with the decisions that her man makes. This is why men love dating women who say exactly what they want.

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