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5 ways to turn your man on

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Looking for new and exciting ways to stoke your husband’s passion in the bedroom? It’s great to mix it up every now and then, so try out these 5 tips to drive him wild!

1. Compliment him

Compliment himFrom his new haircut to his signature bedroom move, compliment your man! If you like what he’s doing and want him to keep going, tell him exactly how he’s making you feel and how excited you are. This is a great psychological ploy to get him to keep doing things you like, without directly asking him to, which works great for men who prefer to be in control.

2.Get in the shower with him
Get in the shower with himTaking a shower together can be a great way to bond and relax after a long day. If you’re feeling particularly cheeky, wait till he’s been in the shower for a few minutes, before dropping in unannounced. Things are sure to get steamy so try to do this on a lazy afternoon when the kids are out, to ensure loads of time for any after shower activities!

3. Send a naughty Text / Whatsapp message
Send a naughty text messageFeeling bored at work? Send your husband a naughty text message to tell him what you want to do when he gets home, and what you’ll be wearing. You don’t have to pen a novel, just a few suggestive lines to grab his attention and keep you on his mind till the workday ends. He definitely won’t be working late tonight!

4. Move out of your comfort zone
Move out of your comfort zoneWe’re not saying you have to try something you feel completely uncomfortable with, but sometimes going against the grain can be a liberating experience. For example, if you’ve never been a morning person, try to initiate sex in the morning to surprise your hubby. It may take some effort, like getting up slightly earlier to freshen up, or leaving mints on the bedside the night before, but your husband is sure to appreciate a change in your usual routine.

5. Be confident!
Be confident!If you’ve always viewed yourself as a bit of a wallflower, try to play the part of a sex goddess for just one night. For all you know, it might suit you better! Take a luxurious shower, put on a gorgeous lingerie set, get glam-ed up and wait for your hubby to come home. Trust us, the preparation is just as important for you as it is for him. If you know you look amazing, you’re more likely to be confident in bed, and men love confident women! Forget any imperfections you might be feeling insecure about, and just enjoy being intimate with your husband.

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