MTN Music Festival – Show of Ill-Health, Grand Performances & Sloppy Display

The latest installment of the ‘MTN Music Festival’ was a good show and commendations go out Slip Entertainment and MTN for their consistency in putting up the event.

At a time when the highlife genre was considered to be in the doldrums some years ago, Slip Entertainment organized ‘Highlife Festival’ in a bid to keep it alive, so, it makes sense that when the genre is on the rise again, the same organization would put a music concert to celebrate such music.


It could have been better! It was not overly impressive and was also not abysmal – it was just okay.

Perhaps, the concentration of the promotion of the event on only Multimedia platforms could have caused not many people coming for the event. For instance, all discussions relating to the event were held on Hitz 103.9 FM.

With a plethora of Entertainment-related shows in the capital, limiting the promotion and talk of the event to just one or two stations was not the right decision, especially if the aim to reach multitudes.

In future, with highlife being a well-loved genre of Ghanaian music, it is only fair and wise that, promotion and marketing of the event is extensive with other media houses getting involved.

Other events happening on the same night could have also been a factor.

Technical Detail

The technical aspect of the event was spot-on, with little flaws. The stage and set design were pleasing to the eye, sound and lighting were good. Fluidity and continuity for the show were properly handled.

The only related setback was the malfunctioning of some of the microphones, a bane for most events.

It is unpleasant to have artistes on stage floundering with their microphones in the glare of patrons.


The selection of Doreen Avio of Hitz FM fame was a good decision and came as a very refreshing shift from the usual Berla Mundi –Jocelyn Dumas dominance. She did extremely well.

She was not in the face of patrons every 2 minutes and did not waste time introducing performers; and even when she had to improvise to allow the next performer get on stage, she did with some class and poise.

Mercury Quaye’s inclusion was okay but could have been scrapped. There’s a Doreen Avio and a DJ in Andy Dosty – there was no need for a hype man!

Andy was another bright spot on the night, but of course, he hardly disappoints. He brought his A-game on and delivered to such near perfection.

Performances (Rating)

Nana Tuffour

He complained of ill-health and was seated almost throughout the entire duration of his set. His backing vocalist virtually did all the songs with the legend doing the backing.

No disrespect to the legend, but his appearance was simply a waste of time. If he knew he was sick, he should have just stayed home. It would have made sense with that excuse instead of that lackluster showing.

Rating – 3/10


She also complained of some sort of ill-health, making a case for an unpleasant voice – stating that she had a cold.  She tried, and with the help of Okyeame Kwame and the crowd, which responded impressively to her performance, her flaws were not easily noticed.

Rating – 5/10

Prince Bright (Buk Bak)

Every true music follower knows the worth of Prince Bright-musically but he surprised everybody with his stellar performance with a live band. He was, with no dispute, the best performer on the night.

Rating – 9/10

Armah Pino

The legend was another good performer, showing such experience, class and control on the night.

Rating: 8/10

King Promise

He brought in some energy but his voice range failed him along the line. He is good but clearly needs to improve on his live performances.

Rating: 6/10

Kuami Eugene

Much was expected from the perceived headline act, but he turned out to be the biggest disappointment on the night. Nothing worked, not even his apparel was enticing. His performance was just sloppy!

Rating: 4/10


Impressive outing. They truly delivered for every artiste, providing a good environment for them to hit a home run. They played expertly for every act except Kuami Eugene, whose band was disappointing.

Rating: 7/10



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