Late Start & Technical Blunders Affect ‘M.anifestitivities’ But Brymo, M.anifest & Worlasi Survive

If a show billed to commence at 8pm starts at 10:30pm, then that’s an indication that there would be challenges and surely, there were setbacks, some of which almost marred the beauty of ‘M.anifestivities’ – a show headlined by rapper, M.anifest, over the weekend.

It was quite shocking that the technical personnel and the band were doing sound check and testing microphones as at 8pm and beyond when many patrons had already converged at the Sandbox Beach.

Truth be told, the venue had very limited capacity for a show as big as the one held and had little room for zealous fans who wanted to jam to the songs of the headline artists backed by the OBY Band.

Brymo (Pix courtesy
Brymo (Pix courtesy

After hours of ‘sound-checking’, Worlasi mounted the stage at 10:30pm and his incessant apologies were as annoying as the sloppy sound that marred his 25 minute performance.

Credit to the young chap; in spite of the slack sound that went off and on like ‘dumsor’ – he was able to deliver a good performance, much to the delight of the audience.

After Worlasi’s act came under break, obviously due to technical howlers – a lull that was extremely irksome.

M.anifest & Worlasi
M.anifest & Worlasi

There came Brymo, who exuded so much deftness as a live performer, belting some of his hit songs and his interaction with the crowd and telepathy with the band, depicted an artist who has perfected his craft.

It was excruciating for patrons to witness how the technical mishaps and fluctuating sound also affected Brymo’s act, but he exhibited such professionalism and went on his business without passing any remark on the challenges.

With no MC for the occasion, which was a good thing, Brymo introduced M.anifest, and as expected, he enthralled patrons with a deluge of hit songs, giving credence to why he gets so many international gigs.


It was also a delight to watch how some of the expatriates in the crowd were singing to some of his songs, word for word.

It was an appreciable crowd that befitted the venue, located somewhere at South Labadi close to Tawala Beach.

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