GOOD DEED! #PolishtillYouShine Campaign Making Good Strides

Giving back to society is an honour that every well-doing native or firm should embark on and that is exactly what the movement, Polish Till You Shine, is all about.

The #PolishtillYouShine (PTUS) Movement is a gathering of enterprising youth, who are young at heart, ambitious in the mind and zealous to work and touch the lives of others.

The Movement strives on the purpose of life, thus applying essential door-openers to the opportunities of life.

It’s a gathering of ebullient fellows who have the desire, passion and the drive to make it and help others reach their full potential in life.

Over the period, the PTUS Movement has made some remarkable donations to orphanages and various Children’s Home.

It has also made donations to the under-privileged and children with all forms of disability.

PTUS is a foundation that also deals in clothing line.

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